Just Hatched!

Gideon Kai flew into our hearts Thursday, August 8 and our nest has been a-flutter ever since.

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    • Yeah, we’re all pretty much smitten. I had no idea little boys could go so gaga over babies. Even the little neighbor boys can’t seem to get enough. Oh, and yes, peaceful babies do make for peaceful days and this one has hardly made a peep.

  1. I was going to ask what you had been doing this summer, but I can see that you were busy creating cuteness. Congratulations!
    Please let your boys know that I am looking forward to learning more about birds with them.

  2. Congratulations are in order! My what a cute little bundle of joy. Looking forward to your new blog and following you throughout the school year. I was in your part of the world, the island of Oahu, for ten days this month. The weather was just perfect and my wife and I didn’t want to leave. Anyway, blessings from my house to yours. Enjoy that new baby boy!


  3. Congratulations, Julie! I knew you MUST have had that fifth son by now! What a beautiful little man! God bless you and your men with much joy and grace. I love your organization and wisdom in how to homeschool in Island fashion! When I last visited with your mother, she read/sang the song you wrote for your baby shower; what a “kick!” It was a descriptive peek into your world of men. 🙂 I look forward to learning about birds with you all. How does it feel to teach so many at one time? Much love to each of you, Paula

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