Happy Back-at-Homeschool!

What a Hoot!  Hunting up all their Back-to-School loot.
Because we start school the day after, the highlight of our Labor Day weekend has always been our annual treasure hunt. I try to match the hunt with our theme (i.e. the year we studied geology our oldest had to rappel down an abandoned mine shaft for the map to their school supplies or to see last year’s glow-in-the-dark hunt click here. This year Dad hid all the supplies, as well as a bunch of easter eggs containing various bird-themed treats and treasures up in the boys favorite banyan tree.

Something new we are trying this year in order to teach a little personal responsibility is giving the boys their own sets of school supplies which are color-coded or have their initials on them. When they run out or something gets lost or ruined they will have to replace it themselves (I have an extra stock pile of everything that I purchased at dirt cheap back-to-school prices so they can buy replacements from me instead of paying top dollar when the time comes). We’ll see how it works.
Color-coded school supplies and treats
Another tradition we hold dear is hosting a back-to-school benediction. This year we were especially blessed to have Opa and Oma here to help kick things off with a special time of prayer and a back-to-school devotional.
What special back-to-school traditions does your family enjoy?


7 thoughts on “Happy Back-at-Homeschool!

  1. We started the color-coded supplies a few weeks ago and love it! Thank you for the great idea! (Clever friends ARE great!) I can’t imagine finding 4 (and one day 5!!) boy colors! Whew! I had a hard enough time finding 2 boy and 2 girl, but it has been worth it! Although, we have had an occasional, “That IS my purple ruler, but someone else must have used it. I did not leave it there.” Hmmmm….
    How did you find eggs in September?! You were planning ahead!

    1. Well, I also found out on the first day that although extremely helpful, the individual supplies plan isn’t full proof. Although I gave them each their own box of crayons with their own name on it I failed to mark EACH INDIVIDUAL CRAYON so of course, there had to be an argument over WHOSE GREEN CRAYON was left on the floor! Despite that, it was a great first day and yes, I got all the eggs from a neighbor last spring.

  2. How tweet — er, I mean Sweet! Glad you’re still hatching new hunts, Julie! By the way, where’s baby Gideon? He didn’t make the school picture; but no doubt, he’s learning new things every day! With loving prayers for you all…

    1. Aloha Colleen! Thank you so much for the prayers! I’m pretty sure that’s what got me through the day and kept our little muffin sleeping right through our lessons! Thank you also for being the originator of the Back-to-School Treasure Hunts. Kristin C. was sure to give you the credit when she passed the idea on to me. It’s a highlight for us every year. Love to you and yours.

  3. Wow, what a joy-filled atmosphere you create for school! I love it! (Sorry, I’ll stop commenting on your old blog posts before you think I’m a cyber-stalker)

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