N is for…

A Verse Hid in Our HeartN is for
“Now when all the people were baptized, and when Jesus also had been baptized and was praying, the heavens were opened, and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form, like a dove; and a voice came from heaven, “You are my beloved son; with you I am well pleased.” Luke 3:21,22

A Hymn to Impart “Jesus, I Come”

A Sweet Little Prayer“Sing to God”

A Poem to Share“Bats”

How Our Week Was Spent
We learned more about bats. Most people are afraid of bats but they shouldn’t be because bats are actually good. Some can catch 600 mosquitos in an hour and some help pollinate plants. They are also good moms. A mommy bat will leave her baby in a bat nursery to go hunt and when she comes in she can find her baby again even though there are millions of other baby bats (by Titus 10, Joel 8 1/2 and Nate 6 1/2).

Teacher’s Two-Cents
I’ve never liked bats so I wasn’t very excited about this section of the text that focused on these “other” flying creatures of the fifth day. The more we read about them however, the more in awe I became over this “darker side” of God’s creation, especially when I learned how devoted the Mama bats are to their babies. Most bats only have one baby a year and they will nurse them for up to 6 months. The mama coos to the baby and the baby squeals back. In fact the mama knows her own baby’s squeal and scent so well that when she leaves her baby in the “bat nursery” to go hunt at night she can come back and pick out her own baby out of the thousands, even millions of pups huddled together.
My oldest “pup” turned 10 years old this week and I’m pretty sure I’d be able to pick him out of a million as well! But as well as I think I know him he is constantly surprising me as he grows. The fact is even though he’s been pretty much continually in my presence and under my influence for the past 10 years, there is thankfully a power greater than me at work in his life! So while I have been busy trying to create a boy who loves tomatoes, cleans up after himself, and does his math without complaint (none of which I’ve been successful at), the Lord who knit him together has been busy accomplishing a far greater work. As much as I poured myself into this child, the person who is emerging is a daily surprise, an unfamiliar wonder. I didn’t know he’d be a talented athlete, excelling at everything he tried, but the Lord who formed every muscle did.
play ball
I didn’t know he’d have the determination to read through the Bible in 7 months and the mind to acutely remember a wealth of details, but the Author of Life did. I didn’t know he’d be a gifted artist, but the Divine Designer did.

"Hawaiian Mallard at Sunset" Oil-on-Canvas by Titus
“Hawaiian Mallard at Sunset” Oil-on-Canvas by Titus

I didn’t know he’d have a steadfastness of spirit that would drive him to constantly seek after truth and cling to it, but the Holy Spirit did. I didn’t know he’d be a devoted big brother, but the Lord who blessed him with 4 little charges did.
big brother
I didn’t know he’d have the imagination, ingenuity and resourcefulness to be able to create what ever entered his minds eye from lego crafts to forts to useful gear to musical instruments to meticulously documented imaginary worlds, but the Creator of the Universe did.
bamboo horn
So maybe it’s time for me to stop lecturing him about not throwing the ball in the house, and time to stop sneaking tomatoes into recipes, and time to stop grumbling every time I pick up his dirty clothes and time to start getting to know this boy as God designed him, not as I will him to be. Happy 10th Birthday, Titus! My life is infinitely richer because you’re in it. You ARE my own beloved son and with you I am VERY well pleased.


17 thoughts on “N is for…

  1. Happy Birthday!!!!‘‘‘!!!!!!
    Go double digetes
    Now in 2months it’s my birthday
    What day was yours

  2. Another terrific post — thanks, Julie! Wow, the big 10th birthday — Happy Birthday, Titus! I LOVED your mallard and the picture of you with little brother. Keep up the great work, and have a very Merry Christmas!

  3. Hello Julie! This is Margaret (Langford)King.I am so glad I found your website after talking to your parents ! I really enjoyed seeing some of your boys schooling , and thought “wow!” From a beautiful flower girl to a grown woman with a beautiful family! Looks like you do a great job and keep things interesting! Margaret

    1. What a treat to hear from you! I’m honored that you took the time to check out our blog. My parents must be great publicists! Of course I remember being flower girl in your wedding. I think I must have only been about 4 but you gave me a multi-pack of Lifesavers with all the different kinds, even butterscotch! I thought Texas must be heaven! A big Aloha to you!

      1. Uni and Dave expressed it much better than I could. I can only add that you, my sweet, are not the only one who “didn’t know” some things. I didn’t know that the Author of Life would bless your mother and me through our children the way He has. Your “two-cents” worth was a wonderful read! And, Titus, how does it feel after 10 years to be the “oldest pup?” Congradulations! I, too, think the work you and your mother have done on this blog deserves the “Sunshine Award.”
        Opa No.2

      2. Thanks, Dad. I happen to be up in the middle of the night because our “oldest pup” and his second in command decided they wanted to camp out on their own last night so Tom and I have been taking turns spying on them. So far they have giggled right through the attack of the sprinklers and taken one 3AM hike over to the shore to check out the giant surf we are experiencing right now. They are growing up way too fast! I suppose you and Mom never spent any sleepless nights on our account, right? πŸ™‚

  4. Beautifully stated Julie . . . all the pictures display how the Creator has wonderfully ‘knit him’ for His glory!! Titus . . . we love you!!!

  5. Julie, It is a rare privilege to follow your blog. It gives us a view of our family that we would otherwise miss. I am always amazed at the clarity of what you have accomplished with the boys during the week, and how they have responded. Your writings are beautifully uplifting and the expressions of the boys through their writing, projects and art bless our hearts. I am blown away by Titus’ drawings/paintings and your thoughts about him on his birthday allow us a close-up picture at the heart of a wonderful mom. Thank you for sharing this with us. Looking forward to being with you next week in California and following you home for what I know will be a wonderful time in Hawaii. Love, Opa

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