Off Like A Herd of Turtles

We’re off to a slow start but we are indeed off.  Just the basics for right now until the end of Homeschool Family Camp which runs this Thursday through Monday.  Click here to learn more about one of our favorite Hartland sponsored events ever!  I took a minute to wander around the house and capture the laid back atmosphere of our first day back-to-school.


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Later that night we kicked things off a little more officially with an outdoor family movie night.   Even though we’re focussing on birds and fishes this year, our Apologia text book includes several chapters on insects which I’ll be scattering throughout our year.  As a nod to our entomological endeavors we watched a documentary on butterflies called “Metamorphosis” with new telescoping butterfly nets to swat the mosquitos with.img_4718-1

img_4729-1Now, in case you’re doubting the thrill factor of a movie about butterflies, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE watch this trailer by clicking here.  It really was mind-boggling and the quality was exceptional.  I think “Metamorphosis” might be a close second to “The Riot and the Dance” as our favorite nature documentary ever.  You have seen “The Riot and the Dance,” right?  If not, you really need to catch that one, too.  Happy Back-to-School!img_4755-1

And finally, here’s a flashback to our Back-to-School post from 6 years ago!  That kid with the red butterfly net was only a couple weeks old at the time so we hit the ground running.  It was so great to go back and see which homeschool habits we have held on to and which ones have fallen by the wayside or evolved.   Apologia, Abeka Readers, Hockey, Hymns, Sequential Spelling, Scripture-saturated-science and science-saturated-Scripture readings are all still going strong.  The single-subject focused schedule has been replaced by our 7-by-11, Delve-till-Twelve, Done-by-One system, although after rereading that old post I’m wondering about maybe giving it a try again.  I’ll have to ask the boys what they think. Anyway, Happy Back-to-School everyone!

3 thoughts on “Off Like A Herd of Turtles

  1. I think it would be fascinating to study butterflies! I watched the trailer. Thanks for sharing. I can tell this is going to be an awesome homeschool year for y’all. ❤️

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