Back-To-School For Real

A Back-to-School highlight for us is always our annual treasure hunt and Benediction.  We like to invite other homeschooling families for the Benediction so the dads can pray over the moms and kids.  This year’s hunt was bird-themed just like it was 6 years ago, only the setting was VERY different. Click here to view our Hawaiian version.  Below are some pictures of the clues that took them all over camp from the zip-line landing zone to the outdoor chapel to the boat dock, along with a couple bird-named cabins for fun.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The most prized loot seemed to be the wooden Faulks bird-calls, which had hawks circling almost instantly, a bird book that also included recordings of each bird’s song, and several new flavors of Peeps, including “watermelon”, “root beer float” and  “pancakes and syrup.”  These we roasted over a bon fire at the last of our back-to-school outdoor movie nights.  We finished the Illustra Media DVD series “The Design of Life” which we’ve all given 2 thumbs up.  I put a link for the Metamorphosis trailer in my last post.  Here are the links for Living Waters and Flight.  I tried my hand at Jello Jigglers for the first time ever and made fish shaped ones to go with our Goldfish crackers for the Living Waters viewing and bird shaped ones to go with our roasted Peeps for Flight night.  S U U U G A R.  R U U U S H.  Let me tell you, no one went to sleep easily that night.

So now we’re in full homeschool swing.  What Back-to-School traditions does your family enjoy to kick off your year?

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